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Our 10-inch New York style cheesecakes (each weighing approximately 5 pounds) come pre-sliced in 16 portions. All our cheesecakes are made with the finest ingredients available, and the flavors are mixed throughout for a full-bodied taste. Each cheesecake is topped with our delectable cream cheese and sour cream topping.


Many of our desserts are available in our store for purchase in 1/2 and 1/4 portions in addition to our full cake/cheesecake/pie/torte. Different flavors can be combined for custom samplers for your enjoyment. Please call or visit our store for pricing and availability.



All whole cheesecake pricing is based on current market pricing. Please call for pricing.


Old Fashioned Plain

A lightly lemon flavored filling


Red Rasberry

Luscious raspberry and raspberry liqueur filling


Caramel Apple

SEASONAL- Our luscious filling is a hearty combination of apples, spices,

and Applejack Liquor


Chocolate Kahlua

Velvety chocolate and Kahlua 


Lemon Blueberry

SEASONAL- Maine blueberries and lemon on a spongecake crust


Fudge Marble

Fudge sauce swirled through a creamy vanilla filling


Eggnog Rum

SEASONAL - Myers Dark Rum and eggnog for the holiday

Pumpkin Spice

SEASONAL - Creamy pumpkin and spices


Raspberry Rumble

A creamy mixture of raspberries, chocolate chunks, and cream cheese on a chocolate crust covered with a rich chocolate ganache and drizzled in white chocolate.

Adirondack Rumble

A rich cream cheese filling loaded with Snickers candy is nestled on a chocolate crust and finished with milk chocolate ganache.


Famous Cheesecake Sampler

Four quarters of our most popular cheesecake flavors,

four slices each of Chocolate Kahlua, Old Fashioned Plain,

Fudge Marble, and Red Raspberry.


Bon Appetit!




Our pies are made with the freshest berries and fruits available and our crusts are rich and crisp. The following list provides a brief description of each pie we offer at this time. If you have any questions about a particular dessert, please feel welcome to contact us.


Key Lime Pie

Our Key Lime Pie is truly an exquisite dessert. It's great to look at and a wonderful complement to any meal. Its tangy taste is especially refreshing in warm months of the year and nicely complements heavy main courses. Nestled in a graham cracker crust, the creamy custard is a true Florida Keys original made with authentic Key Lime juice - often imitated, never duplicated.


Toll House Pie 

 This pie consists of chocolate chips and walnuts in cookie-like filling. Delicious a la mode.


Apple Crisp Pie   

An old fashioned flavor, just like Mom used to bake.





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